Dr. Magee is board certified and fellowship-trained in hip and knee reconstruction. He also has specialty training in Mako® robotic-arm assisted surgery, a service offered at his practice since 2011. Dr. Magee and his group were the first practice in Utah to use the Mako® robotic-arm assisted surgery system for total hip replacement and partial knee replacement. This technology has resulted in very successful outcomes for Dr. Magee’s patients.

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Hip Replacement Surgery

For some patients, pain and disability from arthritis may persist with nonsurgical treatment. For these patients, total hip replacement may be an option. During this procedure, the damaged portions of the hip are replaced with implant components to relieve pain and restore movement. Dr. Magee uses Mako® technology for hip replacement procedures, which allows for more accurate implant placement and less blood loss.

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Patients undergoing hip replacement will have many questions and concerns both before and after surgery. Dr. Magee’s goal is to educate patients and provide thorough, accurate information to alleviate those concerns.

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Arthritis can damage one or more portions of the knee, making everyday activities difficult due to pain and stiffness. If nonsurgical treatment does not relieve symptoms, knee replacement surgery may be an option. If the arthritis has caused severe cartilage damage throughout the knee, total knee replacement may be necessary. However, if arthritis damage is limited to the inner or outer portion of the knee, Mako® partial knee replacement may be an option. In the appropriate patients, Mako® partial knee replacement can result in less scarring, less blood loss, and a quicker recovery time than total hip replacement.

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Surgical outcomes may vary, depending on the individual patient and the procedure selected. Dr. Magee strives to provide his patients with the information they need to alleviate concerns surrounding knee replacement surgery.

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